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Croatian Society for Psychopharmacotherapy and Biological Psychiatry

Croatian Academy
of Medical

World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry

College of

Co-sponsored by
World Psychiatric

Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to the 6th Croatian Congress of Psychopharmacotherapy organized by the Croatian Society for Psychopharmacotherapy and Biological Psychiatry of the Croatian Medical Association and Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences which will take place from 25-28 September 2013 in Dubrovnik. The Congress is dedicated to the concept of creative psycho-pharmacotherapy developed at the Psychiatric Clinic of the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, situated in the University Hospital Centre Zagreb. Last year the concept was also in-troduced at the Psychiatric Clinic of the School of Medicine, University of Osijek, and we would like to promote it on the national and regional levels, possibly even wider. The 1st International Conference of Creative Psychopharmacotherapy, as well as the Central European Neuropsycho-pharmacological Symposium with eminent experts from Croatia and abroad will take place at the same time.

The Congress will deal with the following issues:
- Modern psychopharmacotherapy and philosophy of treatment: How to increase the effect of psychopharmaca?
- New psychopharmaca, new insights and paradigmas of treatment Long-acting antipsychotics, stigma and human rights
- National guides for treating major mental disorders

The aim of the Congress is promoting transdisciplinary, holistic, complementary and integra-tive approach to understanding and treatment of mental disorders. In spite of the ever grow-ing number of effective and safe psychopharmaca treatment results in psychiatry are far from desired and there is a big gap between theory and practice, between the available options for successful treatment and achieved results, because of which therapeutic nihilism is still widely present. The effectiveness of the existing psychopharmaca and their rational combinations can be significantly improved with more creativity and new psychopharmacotherapy strategies. Good clinical practice and successful psychopharmacotherapy are based on respect and im-provement of human rights of people with mental disorders which is at the same time the most successful way to fight stigma still having a negative influence on treatment results.

The new long-acting or so-called depot antipsychotics can greatly reduce the stigma and pro-vide a completely normal, fulfilled and creative life for a significant number of patients. A sat-isfying number of medications for mental disorders on the Croatian Institute of Health list and good national psychopharmacotherapy guides and guidelines have an important influence on the success, rationality and effectiveness of psychopharmacotherapy making them an impor-tant Congress topic.

Due to new insights into ethiopathogenetic processes which are basis of different mental dis-orders, development research brings new psychopharmaca into our clinical practise with new options and perspectives. Fragmental and dogmatic approach still dominates modern psycho-pharmacotherapy and psychiatry in general which greatly contributes to poor treatment results in comparison with possible and desired results. One of the important goals of this year’s jubilee Congress is promoting transdisciplinary, holistic, complementary and integrative approach in understanding and treatment of mental disorders.

According to many people Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful towns in the world and that was the reason why it was chosen as a venue of the 6th Congress of Psychopharmacotherapy. We believe that important, up-to-date topics of the Congress and natural and historical beauty of Dubrovnik will be both useful and enjoyable and will combine in a creative way. We are con-vinced they will contribute to the unforgettable memories you will take with you together with new insights and skills ensuring your professional success and happiness.

President of the Congress Miro Jakovljević
President of the Council Pavo Filaković